Northern lights

The northern lights will be the crown to your experience

The Finnish Lapland is a perfect place for watching the magnificent northern lights. On the scarcely populated area, there are no street lights to ruin your view of the sky. Even tho we can’t promise that you will see them every night, Hotel Ujevaara is your best bet.

The northern lights, also known as aurora borealis are a magnificent phenom of nature. The best place to spot them is close to our planets poles, on a clear but dark sky. There is no perfect time to see them, but winter provides the best opportunity because of the long dark periods when the lights will dance beautifully on top of the snow.

On the hotel grounds there is also 7 separate mini houses, especially designed for watching the northern lights with a glass roof. These mini houses include a bedroom with room for three as well fully prepared kitchen and bathroom. Here you can watch the beautiful northern lights in your own comfort.

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